Different From What? Film Festival Official Logo What if we could transform the way we think about differences? What if we challenged who was thought of as 'different'? Or what if we asked an more audacious question—different from what? With inspiring journeys, fresh perspectives, and award-winning films from across the world, this festival will leave you speechless as it moves you from laughter to tears. Participate in thought-provoking panels. Voice your opinions in our video booth. Transcend the limitations of time and space dialoguing in live-stream Twitter posts. Meet our filmmakers and start a conversation that will forever change lives in our communities.

And the Winners are...

WHEN I'M NOT ALONE - Rhianon Gutierrez, Director - WINNER - BEST STUDENT FILM
FORWARD/BACKWARD - Elizabeth Spear & Kendall Lynch, Directors - WINNER - PEOPLE'S CHOICE AWARD

Congratulations to all!

Last day of films, tickets at the door

Hello, folks! We're nearing the end ... and so has our ticketing site. You can still get tickets at the door with cash.
Come check out the final shorts, the "People's Choice" film, and the cool TwitterHub display (by Daragh Byrne).

KJZZ 91.5 / NPR's "Here and Now" coverage of the Festival last Friday

KJZZ 91.5's coverage of the Festival on NPR's "Here and Now", Friday, January 29, 2010.

Kathleen's interview beautifully captures the goals for the Festival. Thanks, Kathleen!

Food specials at RA and La Bocca with your Film Pass! Check out out Sponsors!

Buy a pass and get discounts at La Bocca and RA!! See SPONSORS page for more details....

Have you "tweeted" lately?

Twitter bird image by Aravind Ajith
Alright folks, the Twitter trivia games are on.

Simply tweet to @dfwfilmfest to get started! Include the tag "#tweetme" in your message and I'll send you your first question. Also check out the INSTRUCTIONS (also at the "TWEET WITH US!" link in the upper-right-hand corner of this page).

DFW? Film Fest makes "Good Morning, Arizona" on Channel 3!!!

"Good Morning, Arizona," gave us a nice interview this morning!! Thank you Federico! Check it out at AZ Family.com

LoveThatMax's Ellen blogs about films featuring disability and mentions DFW in context

Many films in mainstream media, as well as lesser-known films feature someone with a disability. Ellen blogs about some of these films and our Festival into context.

How many do you know?

DFW? Film Festival in ASU NEWS!

The Festival is being featured by our very own ASU Community!!! Check out ASU News' Business, Culture & Affairs and Mary Lou Fulton Institute and Graduate School of Education websites. Thanks to Verina Martin for a beautiful article. Go Sun Devils!

The event schedule has been POSTED!

Check this out under The Films -> SCHEDULE . An Early Bird ticket will get you all movies Saturday and Sunday for $25; purchase them now!

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